And The Hills Replied

The last thing that Elizabeth de Burgh de Bruys, Queen of Scotland, remembers is falling into a caldera and burning up. But now, as she opens her eyes, she is amazed to find herself in an unknown land. Even more bizarre is the fact that she knows the handsome man standing before her, as she has just followed him into this strange world. She hopes that he might know who she is and what has happened.

The young man, it seems, is Moses.

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Sparhawk Hutchins

Sparhawk Hutchins is an attorney who resides in Harbor City, California, with his wife and son. His name is taken from that of an ancestor on his mother's side who published a family record of her descent from King Robert I of Scotland.

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Sparhawk's Letter to Friends and Family


“This is one of the best historical fantasies I've read in years.
Bravo and hats off to this wonderful new writer.”
Jerry L. Cargyle, Los Angeles


"... Niul's procession stopped to rest on canopied benches by a fountain in the middle of a broad landing, about halfway up the temple stairs. It was decorated with gilded discs, as if in homage to the sun itself. It wasn’t what he’d expected to see. He was looking for the carved stone depictions of Amun with twin vertical plumes atop his head, as the ram-headed sphinx or of the third eye. But he hadn’t seen them. Neither had he seen Amun-Min as prolific, with an eternal erection, rigid in relief and ever ready. He hadn’t even spotted the sun atop the falcon head of Ra upon Amun’s body.

Perplexed, he looked around and spotted another set of stairs meeting at the landing, a steeper but narrower way up and down from the temple. He watched a giant of a man with a bright aura descend the steep stairs. Following him was a beautiful young woman with smoldering brown eyes. They passed before him on their way down. He’d seen them on the dock but didn't know who they were. Fellow visitors, he’d guessed.

A shadow cast gloom at his feet. He shivered, comparing this achievement with his father’s abysmal failure in raising a monument to the glorification of man. He held the negative thought and lowered his head. When he did look up, he watched as the woman followed the man into a darkened alley beyond the base of the steep stairs below ..."


Sparhawk Hutchins' And The Hills Replied


After I had registered my copyright for And the Hills Replied in 2010, I turned my attention to having the work published. Being a novice then, I contacted several trade-publishing houses and a few literary agents. Several months later, after waiting for replies that never came, I turned my attention to self-publishing. In 2011, I made my choice of a publisher - iUniverse. I was attracted to their broad range of services and they are located in Bloomington, Indiana ... a place of fond memories. In hindsight, I must say that I certainly made the right choice. Since contracting with them in September 2011, they have their own fantastic story to tell.

Since its founding in 1999, iUniverse had emerged as the leading provider of publishing technology solutions. Barnes & Noble invested in the company and began offering its books for order online and through its retail stores. In 2007, the company was acquired by Author Solutions, Inc., a world leader focused on helping authors publish, promote and sell their books. In 2008, the company moved its operations in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Shanghai, China, to the Author Solutions headquarters in Bloomington.

In 2011, iUniverse and Barrett-Koehler Publishers announced a new self-publishing imprint - Open Book Editions. In addition, the company announced a film project partnership with Principal Entertainment, Los Angeles, giving its books special consideration for feature films and television series projects.

In 2012, Author Solutions was acquired by Pearson, PLC, the world's leading learning company and owner of Penguin Books, thus becoming a member of the Penguin Book Group. Later that year, it collaborated with Simon & Schuster, one of the largest traditional publishers, to launch Archway Publishing.

In 2013, Penguin and Random House, LLC, the leading English language publisher in the US and the UK merged, bringing together the expertise, experience and skills of two of the most enduring trade book publishers.

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  • Was Sir Thomas de Bruys the Sentinel of Pharaoh's daughter?

  • The Queen knew, but why her?

  • Was there a place where they cried out for direction?

  • ... . And the Hills Replied!



Sparhawk Hutchins

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