"I love it. I love the history, the story, the interplay between characters and time periods...just everything about it."

Robin Bender



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“Finished your book in Amsterdam last month. I completely enjoyed it. Loved following the adventures of Elizabeth, Marjorie, Thomas, Matilda, and more. The position women were put in is horrible. I appreciate your female heroine being the thread. So bottom line is that your genealogy? It was well intertwined.”

Marryl Von Woy Cahill.


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 Mindquest Review of Books



Sparhawk Hutchins is an attorney who resides in Harbor City, California with his wife of thirty-five years. He has two grown sons and two grandchildren. His name is taken from that of an ancestor on his mother's side who, in 1924, published a family record of her descent from King Robert I of Scotland


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